Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Some Colour Inspiration from the Garden

The weather today has been gorgeous - the sun has been shining, it has been lovely and warm with a slight breeze carrying the scent of those early Spring blooms on the air.  In the early evening light I have taken a stroll through the garden, taking a look at how the plants and flowers are progressing as the soil warms up with a mix of sun and rain to bring things to life.

I find the colours of the garden can be very inspirational in terms of interior colour schemes - from the vivid colours of some of the flowers, through to the more delicate variation you see on certain leaves.

The leaves of this Hosta in my garden (above) combines shades of green and white.  Used together in an interiors scheme these colours can combine to create a lovely restful feel or an energising and uplifting one depending upon the tones used.


Traditional Living Room by Toronto Architects & Designers Heintzman Sanborn Architecture~Interior Design

Just in case you need more vivid colour inspiration, here are a couple of other shots from the garden - nature really does offer some excellent inspiration!  In my home there are some rooms with a backdrop of neutral and paler colours, but I cannot resist the odd bit of drama, and colour is a great way to add interest to a more subtle scheme.


Fingers crossed we have a sunny bank holiday and can get outside to enjoy the creations of Mother Nature!


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