Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Creating Lasting Design

At Bayswater Interiors we are able to create a design for your home in any number of styles, but what we specialise in is creating a timeless interior that will not go 'out of fashion' in a couple of months.  We can inject some nods to current or upcoming trends with a few well chosen pieces in 'of the moment' colours or textures, but without breaking the bank, so that when you tire of them or trends change, it is possible to update your room with little effort or expense.

Off whites and other neutral shades usually work best as a base colour, with the addition of other colours as accents, or use traditional shades of darker colours such as navy and black.  Natural materials such as stone or wood are clever choices for flooring, and are hard-wearing so will last.  The addition of rugs will reduce noise and provide comfort underfoot, and can help define specific areas in a larger space.

When choosing furniture think ultimately of the function it needs to fulfill, employ clever storage and always go for quality over quantity when making buying decisions.  Items chosen from different eras look good juxtaposed together - think inherited items, well-chosen pieces and some quirkier finds.  Remember too the importance of lighting and make the most of natural lighting, then enhance your space with a variety of additional light sources.

Traditional Living Room by Barrie Interior Designers & Decorators Staples Design Group

Ultimately though, choose things that make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your home, for those you will want to keep, and will become an integral part of your 'timeless' design.


Beautiful lighting, cushions & decorative accessories  are available from Bayswater Interiors

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